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Carney Springs Waterfall, nestled in the Superstition Mountains, stands as a lesser-known but enchanting attraction, offering a unique experience for visitors. This hidden gem reveals its magic when sunlight strikes perfectly, casting rainbows at the waterfall’s base. The waterfall’s flow, consisting of gentle cascades, varies with the season’s rainfall, gracefully descending down the cliff face.

Journey and Accessibility: The waterfall is accessible through a 4.2-mile round-trip hike on the Carney Springs Waterfall via Lost Goldmine East Trail. This moderately easy hike, with some elevation gain, offers captivating views, especially halfway through, where the first sight of the waterfall greets hikers. As you near a hidden cave, the waterfall’s proximity becomes apparent. It’s important to stay vigilant on the trail to avoid straying off path.


To fully enjoy Carney Springs Waterfall, timing your visit post-heavy rainfall is key, as the waterfall can dry up quickly. Even when the water is scarce, the hike itself is a remarkable journey, showcasing stunning desert landscapes and the Hidden Shaka Cave worth exploring.

Once you reach the cave, keep going, you’re close!


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