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Workman Creek Falls is a captivating 200-foot waterfall renowned for its scenic splendor and serene ambiance. This multi-tiered cascade, which gracefully flows over rocky terraces, boasts great height and impresses with its beauty and varying water volume through the seasons.

It offers unique experiences year-round, including one of Arizona’s few frozen waterfalls during the brief winter months. As a cascade-type waterfall, Workman Creek Falls is situated in a lush, forested area of the Tonto National Forest, providing a contrast to Arizona’s known arid landscapes.

The falls are fed by Salome Creek, enriched by mountain runoff and seasonal rains, set against a backdrop of high desert and forested mountain terrain.


Ideal Visit Times: Spring and early summer are the best times to experience the waterfall in its full glory, thanks to snowmelt and seasonal rainfall enhancing the water flow. Autumn also offers a spectacular view, with changing leaves creating a vibrant backdrop. In winter, the falls can freeze into an impressive icy display, though accessibility may be limited due to snow.

The cliffs towering above the creek hold hidden ruins of Native American homes.聽


Start your trip in Tonto National Forest, navigating through its scenic but challenging landscape. The destination, “Workman Creek Falls Overlook,” is pinpointed on Google Maps, reachable via a rugged road. A small parking space is available, but due to the road’s rough condition, a vehicle with high clearance is advised. The overlook presents breathtaking views of the falls and canyon.

From Globe, head towards the falls on the Globe-Young Highway. Look for Workman Creek signs and turn right onto Forest Road 487 (NF-487), also known as Workman Creek Road. After crossing Workman Creek Bridge, take a right turn (east) on FR 487. There are several pull-off spots for parking along the way. The falls are about 3 miles from this turn, and a high-clearance vehicle is strongly recommended.


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