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How to Get Started

Wadoo is an innovative platform that seamlessly blends comprehensive guidebooks with the dynamic features of This unique combination is designed to empower users by providing them with extensive information and practical tools in one convenient location.

At its core, Wadoo is about simplification and effectiveness. Whether you’re looking for in-depth knowledge, step-by-step guidance, or interactive tools, Wadoo caters to a wide range of needs. Our goal is to make your journey, whether it’s learning a new skill, planning an event, or starting a business, as smooth and efficient as possible.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Guidebooks: Dive into a variety of subjects with our detailed guidebooks. Each book is carefully curated to offer valuable insights and actionable advice.

  • Interactive Platform: isn’t just a passive learning experience. It’s an interactive space where you can apply what you’ve learned, access tools, and even collaborate with others.

  • User-Friendly Design: We understand the importance of easy navigation. Wadoo is designed to be intuitive, ensuring you find what you need without any hassle.

  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals. Share ideas, get feedback, and find support from both peers and experts within the platform.

Wadoo is more than just a platform; it’s a companion in your personal and professional growth journey. Our commitment is to provide you with all the information and tools you need, in a format that is accessible and engaging.

Wadoo offers two categories of guidebooks to accommodate every user’s needs: Premium and Freemium. Our Premium Guidebooks are paid resources offering in-depth coverage, exclusive content, and specialized tools for a comprehensive learning experience. On the other hand, Freemium Guidebooks are freely accessible to all users, providing quality content on a wide range of topics.

Our guidebooks span various subjects, ranging from adventure and vacation planning to extensive resource guides for personal and professional development. This diversity ensures that whether you’re seeking detailed expertise or general knowledge, Wadoo has a guidebook tailored for your journey of discovery and growth.

Wadoo simplifies the way you plan your vacation and manage information. With our platform, you can easily save any experience, event, or resource for quick access and itinerary planning.

  • Adding to Your Collection: Simply click to add any listing – whether it’s an adventurous experience, an upcoming event, or a valuable resource – directly to your personal collection.

  • Viewing Your Collection: Access your saved items anytime. Your collection is organized for your convenience, both as a list and visually on a map, making it easy to plan and navigate your vacation itinerary.

Wadoo’s streamlined approach ensures that planning your trip is as enjoyable as the trip itself. Save, view, and organize – all in a few clicks.

Personalized Itineraries

Create and customize your own itineraries with ease. Our platform allows you to tailor your travel plans to fit your interests and schedule, making every trip uniquely yours.

Continually Updated

Each listing on Wadoo is continually updated, ensuring you have the most current information at your fingertips. Unlike print guidebooks, our content evolves to keep pace with changes.

Dynamic 'Near Me' Discoveries

Discover new experiences around you with our 'Near Me' feature. Whether you're looking for a nearby adventure or a local hidden gem, Wadoo brings the possibilities closer to you.


Tips & Tricks

Experience Pages on Wadoo are your go-to resource for detailed information about each location. Designed for ease of access, especially on your phone, these pages are packed with features to enhance your experience:

  • Cultural Insights and Local Tips: Get an authentic feel of the place with cultural insights and tips from locals. This feature helps you immerse yourself in the local environment and customs.

  • Practical Information: Find essential details like opening hours, ticket prices, and more. This information is regularly updated to ensure accuracy.

  • Easy-to-Follow Directions: Navigate with confidence using our easy-to-follow directions, ensuring you reach your destination without any hassle.

  • AllTrails Links: For the adventurers and explorers, get direct links to AllTrails for comprehensive trail guides and maps.

  • YouTube Videos: Visualize your experience before you even get there with YouTube videos showcasing the location.

  • Pictures: Browse through a collection of pictures from each location, giving you a visual preview of what to expect.

  • Save Events to Your Calendar: Easily add events or experiences to your personal calendar with just a click, helping you plan your schedule efficiently.

  • Message Board: Engage with a community of users through the message board. Share experiences, ask questions, or offer advice.

  • Weather Updates: Stay informed about the weather conditions at each location, helping you plan your visit accordingly.


The ‘Near Me’ button on Wadoo is a convenient tool designed to enhance your exploration and discovery experiences.

  • Discover Nearby Experiences: With a simple click, see all the experiences and listings from our guidebooks that are in your vicinity.

  • Explore and Find New Activities: This feature is perfect for uncovering new and exciting things to do, whether you’re in a familiar city or exploring new territories.

Use the ‘Near Me’ button to spontaneously find attractions, events, and activities close to you, making every journey with Wadoo an adventure filled with discoveries.

wadoo is 100% web-based, meaning there is no need to download an extra application to your phone.

For quick access to wadoo be sure to add a bookmark to your home screen by selecting the options of your mobile web browser in the upper right-hand corner. Then select ‘Add to Homescreen’.


Frequently Asked Questions

wadoo is super simple to use and has a great support team.  See if you can find answers to any of your questions below, and if not we’re here to help. 

What is Wadoo?

Simply put, It’s what to do.  Think of an old-school travel guide combined with all the resources of the internet to give you an easy to use tool to create memories that last a lifetime.

Wadoo is an interactive guide to all the amazing events and adventures going on in Arizona.  We don’t just tell you about them, we show you and give you the tools and information you need to make the most out of every day!

Find adventures on the go, the hottest nightlife, all unique places to eat and shop, all the beautiful views, family fun, and so much more!

Wadoo is created and written by the locals.  The people who’ve been there before and can tell you exactly what to expect.

The cost of wadoo is $1.58 a month, billed annually at $19.

Yes, if your not happy, we’re not happy.  Simply message us within 3 days of the purchase and we will refund your money no questions asked. 

Yes, Yes, & Yes!  wadoo is 100% web based and performs on any browser, on a PC or Mac, and on both android and apple mobile device.  All you need is an internet connection.

Yes. All orders are placed through Stripe, which hosts best-in-class security tools and is known as the safest payment system in the industry. The only information that wadoo collects is an email and an associated name/password.

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